AR & VR Studio

We aim to radically change the way
businesses share visual concepts


A London-based VR design studio that specialises in the finer details

Kei Studios creates highly animated virtual reality experiences for businesses in the construction, design and manufacturing sectors. Based in London, we work with a varied clientele encompassing architects, property developers, interior designers and manufacturers, amongst others.

How we work

We want your project to progress as smoothly as possible; we’ve implemented a streamlined process in order to make sure that our VR studio only delivers the finest quality work.

See how a typical Kei Studios project might progress below.


Our Team

Krystian Zajac (Founder)

Krystian has run successful businesses in the technology sectors for almost 20 years. His expertise has led to him serving as Board Director of CEDIA, an advisor to Cambridge University's "HAT" data principles project, and as a respected panel member on multiple IoT standards committees including the IET Code of Practice for Connected Buildings. More recently he co-founded Neos – a new type of home insurance that uses smart technology to prevent bad things from happening in the first place.

Hamza Abbas

An audiophile and technology magpie, Hamza lives and breathes the latest developments in the tech space. His vast knowledge of the sector and technical outlook makes him one of the industry’s pre-eminent experts on virtual reality and augmented reality. He has conducted VR talks at numerous conferences including Oculus Connect 4, ISE in 2018 and London Design Week in 2017.

Tomek Florczak

Tomek is incredibly experienced in the world of digital visualisation, having worked and taught at the Technical University of Lodz, where he specialised in using 3D software for archaeological reconstructions. He is well versed in residential design, having spent nine years working in the Swiss interior design industry and real estate market, managing teams encompassing architects, graphics artists, and designers. Tomek is responsible for leading the technical team and oversees all of Kei Studios’ VR and AR creative work.

We are part of Kei

Kei is an all-new VR platform for construction design. 
It makes your team more efficient, generates extra revenue streams, 
allows better collaboration and gives you the upper hand to win projects.