How We Work

Thinking of working with us? Here's how one of
our typical VR design projects tends to work.

A typical VR design project with Kei Studios

We want your project to progress as smoothly as possible; we’ve implemented a streamlined process in order to make sure that our VR studio only delivers the finest quality work.

See how an Kei Studios VR design project might progress below.

Initial Design

Our VR studio generates a blank canvas 3D model based on the files sent to us.

At this point the room scale and user height of the VR experience can be checked to ensure that it accurately replicates your plans.

Initial amendments to the space can be discussed and implemented at this point. 

First Revision

Based on the feedback from step one, our VR studio creates a revised, high-definition model with all materials, furnishings and textures.

At this point, any materials, furnishings or textures can be changed, although scale and user height are now fixed and cannot be altered further.

Second Revision

Any requested material, furnishing or texture changes are made to the VR experience. 

There is a final opportunity for any last minute alterations to the above.

Final Version

The completed project is signed off by you and sent across by our VR studio. 

At this point any further alterations will incur additional costs.

A workflow tailored to your needs

Have you got a specific project or a way of working that doesn't fit into the above model? Not a problem. We're always willing to discuss unique projects or interesting client propositions.