Augmented Reality Design

AR experiences tailored to architects and
design professionals


AR is an original, imaginative way
to showcase creative projects

Overlaid onto the real world around you, augmented reality allows you to bring complex design ideas to life and share them with clients and other interested parties in an engaging, collaborative way.

The open-world nature of this technology means you are no longer restricted to an exclusively virtual space, allowing for greater collaboration and idea sharing than simply presenting a sketch or a render.

Use AR to help clients to fully
understand the bigger picture

With augmented reality design, scale models can become a thing of the past. You can see a new development in the context of its actual surroundings, and then zoom in to see how each block, floor, or even individual property will be configured. This is all overlaid onto the specific room you happen to be in, so you can examine a model without worrying about accidentally bumping into tables or chairs.

Greatly simplify the design process with AR

Augmented Reality makes proofing and iterating projects better and faster, which rapidly accelerates the design development cycle. As well as allowing stakeholders to inspect elements more closely than they could with a 2D or 3D desktop design, AR allows users to leave voice messages that are then tagged to specific virtual ‘locations’, so the exact context of feedback can be provided to the person dealing with a suggestion.

Review and collaborate on 3D design
projects in augmented reality

When multiple Microsoft Hololens headsets are paired, you can share projects in augmented reality and make instant changes in front of an entire group of people. With AR images overlaid on the world around you, you are able to add holographic elements to meetings while still being able to see and hear the reactions of those in the room with you.

An augmented reality space that can be
accessed from any location

The wireless configuration of the Microsoft Hololens headset gives you complete freedom to use augmented reality wherever you like. This means there is no need to set aside a dedicated space for design visualisation in your office.

AR experiences built on your
existing design concepts

Architects and designers are already using advanced technology platforms to create 2D and 3D designs; we take these existing files and build on them further to create premium augmented reality experiences, so there is no need for any alteration in the way that the initial design concept is generated.

Augmented reality: an exceptionally
natural user interface

More intelligent interaction saves a considerable amount of time and effort, giving users more time to spend on the creative process. With both gesture and voice inputs, augmented reality offers a more intuitive way for users to engage with their designs, permitting them to explore them in much more detail and making it easier to uncover areas where improvements can be made.

Built exclusively for commercial projects in AR

The Hololens is built primarily for business use, which makes it the perfect tool for design-led augmented reality experiences. As a developer for the Microsoft Hololens platform, Andrew Lucas Studios is constantly researching new and exciting ways to use AR in a variety of professional design applications.