VR Training CPD

Find out more about how this exciting new technology
is being used in architecture and related fields

VR for Designers CPD

We regularly run a Virtual Reality for Designers CPD for those looking to learn more about how virtual reality is being used by the design, architecture and construction industries. 

You can book a VR CPD for your company by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Discover how virtual reality for designers has evolved

As part of our session, we'll go through the evolution of virtual reality over time, including its origins, how it has become a consumer-friendly medium and where virtual reality technology going in the future. 

See how VR is being used in architecture and interior design

Drawing on real-life applications from the architecture, interior design and construction worlds, the Kei team talks you through the various potential use cases of VR and how they can be applied to businesses of this nature.

Explore genuine VR architectural case studies

As part of the session, we deep-dive into a number of actual architectural virtual reality designs, showing how the technology has helped streamline projects, engage with other parties and how it can improve the project management of a property build in unexpected ways.

Get hands-on with virtual reality

Following the completion of the talk on VR design, the Kei team will showcase several architectural VR builds so that attendees can see for themselves how virtual reality can be used for this kind of project.

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