Interior Design VR

The perfect way for your clients to
fully understand your designs


Challenge your clients’
design preconceptions

While many clients are sensitive to the various complexities of interior design, some will inevitably that struggle to visualise exactly what is being proposed, even with the aid of 2D visuals.

Virtual Reality strips away any confusion that might arise, letting your client step directly into the heart of your designs and see precisely what effect your proposal will have on their interior space.

Startlingly accurate replication
of colours, textures and materials

As well as bringing materials as diverse as plush velvet and burnished brass to life, our VR design team can replicate complex designs such as bespoke hand-painted fabrics or tiles, bringing every detail of your interior design to life before your client’s eyes.

See how your designs will look at different
times of year and in all kinds of weather

An interior design VR experience gives you the ability to incorporate dynamic weather and lighting conditions, meaning that you are able to show how your interior design will adapt to the changing conditions of the year – from a cold, blustery morning to a bright, sunny afternoon.

Virtual spaces built upon
your existing designs

Our interior design VR experiences are based on designs created using the tools already widely used by designers and architects alike. We adapt these existing designs using a dedicated rendering engine to create a truly realistic, lifelike environment, including weather, time of day and accurate lighting effects. This means that there is no need for you to change the way you work in order for us to generate a truly impressive VR experience based on your work.

Communicate and collaborate on architectural 
designs within virtual reality

Share virtual experiences with others using Kei's social presence tools. Rather than limiting VR to a single person at a time, in-VR avatars allow you to see what others are looking at and hold a group discussion on design elements and features, all without having to take your headset off.

Accurately replicate the sense and scale
of an architectural project in VR

Virtual reality is the only way of realistically demonstrating scale and space in an architectural project, aside from creating highly expensive physical replicas. VR brings a sense of awe to your project by putting clients inside your designs and giving them a lifelike sense of perspective. With the ability to change the time of day, season or even weather conditions, the way a property has been designed to accommodate natural environmental shifts can be made clear to the user.

Specialists in interior design VR,
based in the UK

We've worked with leading interior designers on projects both in London and further afield. Take a look at our Portfolio section for more details about some of the prestigious residential and commercial projects we’ve completed.