In the VR world, Oculus Connect is kind of a big deal. As one of the two dominant manufacturers of premium VR headsets, when Facebook unveils new ideas it always carries the potential to shake up the sector.

Oculus Connect 4, or OC4, was no exception. With the announcement of a new inexpensive standalone headset – the Oculus Go, retailing at $199 – and another on the way in the shape of the Santa Cruz, Facebook became the first company to show the next generation of wire-free hardware. For anyone who has felt frustrated by the limitations of tethered VR, having a premium-grade headset that can be used wirelessly promises to potentially be a game-changer in terms of VR's usability.

Along with this came an increased focus on how VR can be employed for business with a new Rift bundle specifically targeted at users, along with the event's first ever panel dedicated to entirely to business applications for VR, featuring Andrew Lucas Studios alongside Audi, Cisco and Proctor & Gamble.

Watch Andrew Lucas’ highlights from OC4. Article continues below. 

As well as looking at the wider potential for VR to shake up business, Andrew Lucas representative Hamza Abbas discussed how virtual reality is impacting the architecture and design spaces, including the company’s work for the iconic Walker’s Court redevelopment:

“The most amazing part about the theatre aspect of the project was when the developer tried on the headset for the first time,” he told the panel. “The first thing she said was – ‘Wow, this is a lot larger than I anticipated’. Right there and then, although it was a plain white model at that point, little issues began to be picked up on. These were things like the balustrades being too short, as you could sit in a seat and see the balustrades were too high, blocking the view. So, [thanks to VR], things like that started coming into play." 


You can watch the entire video highlights, including Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech, below:

Read Hamza's thoughts on how  architectural VR is shaping up via the link below: