Immersive VR Experiences

Realistic, virtual spaces that
breathe life into your designs


VR Pro

VR Pro allows users to immerse themselves in an incredibly detailed virtual reproduction of your designs. Natural lighting effects, lifelike sounds and realtime weather conditions make it an experience that you’ll almost believe is the real thing.

VR Lite

VR Lite makes it quick and easy for you to share your projects to customers and partners anywhere in the world. Our cross-platform approach means you can view VR experiences using a phone-based headset or as a WebVR experience directly on your browser.

Augmented reality for
commercial applications

Augmented Reality makes it possible to discuss and collaborate on projects in real time. Built for use with the Microsoft Hololens headset or your mobile phone, our AR experiences are an intuitive way to present and share your ideas with others.

CGIs and animated

While both of our VR platforms allow you to create an unlimited amount of CGIs while using them, we also offer incredibly detailed CGIs and high-quality animated flythroughs as a stand-alone service for ArchViz and other creative applications.

Our AR and VR experiences can be viewed
using the following headsets: