VR Lite

A convenient way to share ideas and
showcase products in any location

VR Lite is a simple, convenient way to share virtual reality experiences. With experiences loaded from the cloud onto a phone via a URL, it's the quickest way to use and share concepts in a way that is truly immersive. 

Experience VR Lite
from anywhere

The portable, phone-based nature of VR Lite makes it easy to take wherever you need, making it ideal for use in external meetings, at events or when on site. You can even quickly send a VR Lite URL link to a customer in another country, which they can instantly load up on their own phone-based headset and try it for themselves.

View designs in VR
or on your phone screen

As well as viewing VR through a phone-based headset, a VR Lite experience can be explored directly on a phone screen as an interactive 2D model. This gives you the flexibility to share VR designs with several other partners, regardless of whether or not they possess a VR headset.

Interact with your environment

VR Lite allows you to create several interaction points across a model, meaning users can move between viewpoints, turn lights on or off or even compare several design concepts in quick succession. 

VR dining room with interactive furniture

VR living room property design for Attol Architecture project

VR bedroom design for Attol Architecture project

Multiple Fixed Viewpoints

With VR Lite, users can move between a series of predetermined locations within a single VR experience.  This means users can move quickly between different areas of a property, or shift to utterly different environments in a matter of moments. 

Unlimited renders

When you discover an element you want to change, or find the perfect vantage point that you want to share with others, it’s easy to capture your viewpoint as a still CGI render and share it with other project stakeholders.

Minotti VR showhome 04

Minotti VR showhome 01

Minotti VR showhome 02

VR Lite versus VR Pro