Cambodian Charity Agri-Tech Centre

by Squire and Partners

Client: Green Shoots charity, Squire and Partners

A hugely rewarding charitable project saw Kei Studios team with Squire & Partners to deliver a virtual reality experience of a proposed educational agri-tech centre in Northern Cambodia, which helped UK charity Green Shoots raise funds towards the facility’s construction and implementation.

Working to an incredibly tight deadline of ten days, Kei Studios took the initial plans set out by Squire and Partners and recreated them in a virtual environment. Attendees to a fundraising event – held at Squire’s Brixton offices – were able to explore the first stage facility in virtual reality and see how the various buildings would provide a space for teaching the local population valuable farming and animal husbandry skills.

The work by Kei Studios and Squire and Partners was completed pro bono, ensuring that all money raised by the event can be spent on advancing the project further. The VR design has also been made available to Squires for use during the design and proofing stage of the build, and to Green Shoots for any further charity fundraising events that might be required.

The current build includes the first iteration of what will be a multi-phase build. It is expected that this VR experience will be updated over time. This will allow for much more realistic details, the ability to switch between project stages and the addition of figures within the build so potential donors can see how the facility will be used once it is finally complete.