Verney Road


Client: SPPARC

One of our first projects to make use of both VR and AR, Verny Road is a stunning series of towers in London incorporating 340 residential units designed by SPPARC Architecture in conjunction with developer CB Acquisition.

The initial build, created during the planning stage, allows users to see how the property from a bird's eye view in augmented reality in the context of its neighbourhood, as well as letting them select a tranche from one of the towers and see how individual floors would be laid out.

A further build was created in virtual reality to provide a more accurate sense of how the buildings would seem to a passer-by. In this, users are able to see the project from a table-top view (as in AR), but can then delve into the design itself and see the three towers from street level, giving them a more realistic perception as to how the properties will sit against the London landscape.