Virtual Showrooms

Display your portfolio in a new light with an
interactive VR experience tailored to your business.


A virtual showroom is the perfect way to
showcase your products and services

Showcasing your portfolio in virtual reality gives customers the ability to discover and engage with your entire product range in a virtual space of your choosing. Clients can intuitively browse your offering, as well as explore and compare the variations, configurations and technical details available for each item.

A virtual showroom: the ideal way
to inspire your clients

With the ability to play around with design ideas and see how certain products might look in combination, a VR showroom experience provides the perfect sandbox for your customers to start thinking creatively about what your products can do for them.

With a virtual showroom, there's no need 
for a bricks-and-mortar demo space

While not all customers can make the trip across to visit a physical demonstration suite, a virtual showroom experience can be accessed by anyone with a VR headset or a web browser. This breaks down the barriers of physical distance, letting customers from anywhere in the world benefit from experiencing your business’s products up close. It's also much cheaper than building and maintaining an expensive physical showroom

Let customers experiment with colours
and configurations in VR

With virtual demonstration spaces, prospective customers are able to experiment with various design choices in a realistic context. By shifting them into a room that reflects the space they are wanting to design for, they can get a better idea as to how certain furniture options and flooring to wallpaper designs might look when applied to their own properties.

Guide your clients through your
showroom in virtual reality

With virtual avatars, you and your customers can be present in the same virtual space simultaneously. This gives you the opportunity to lead them through your portfolio, demonstrate how products work and ensure that they focus on the items you really want them to see.

Use a virtual showroom to boost
your sales and marketing activities

A virtual reality experience is memorable and unique, making it a powerful addition to your sales and marketing strategy by creating the best form of marketing there is – word of mouth. Clients come away from a VR experience enthused by what they’ve seen, making them more inclined to be positive towards your brand – and tell others all about what they’ve seen.

Make a real splash with a virtual showroom
at your most important events

Having a virtual reality showcase on your booth is a real crowd-pleaser at exhibitions and events, helping to attract people’s attention and giving them the chance to engage more deeply with your products and services. Unlike static examples fixed in place on your trade show stand, a virtual experience means potential customers are able to fully contextualise your products in a realistic environment.

Demonstrate exactly how
your products will work

Fully interactive virtual demonstrations can be used as simulation training tools for employees and clients alike, giving them valuable practical experience with complex systems before they start operating them in their day-to-day work. With virtual reality, this kind of simulation exercise can be closer to the real thing than it’s ever been before.