VR Architecture Design

Hyper-realistic virtual experiences based on
your architectural designs.


Incredibly lifelike VR design
for architectural projects

With near-photorealistic animation, a Kei VR experience is as close as you and your clients can get to trying out the real thing ahead of construction being completed.

With a vastly experienced development team making use of powerful gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, Kei Studios is able to deliver animated virtual reality spaces of unrivalled detail and precision. These VR experiences represent a marked improvement over cut-and-paste VR renders created using plug-ins for typical architectural design platforms.

Gain sign off on complex architectural
design ideas more readily

Give your clients a genuine reason to pause for thought by showing the client exactly how your concept will appear using virtual reality technology. By demonstrating how things will look in situ when the property is finished, you’re much more likely to overcome any niggling doubts from the client about the suitability of a contentious element within the design.

Accelerate the decision-making process during architectural projects

Ensure that everyone is on the same page during the design and proofing phase and let people see your architectural design ideas in a realistic environment by sharing ideas internally using virtual reality. Receive rapid feedback from colleagues and other stakeholders by letting them walk through your ideas, making it easier to spot errors and identify areas where improvements might be found.

Transform your existing concepts into incredible
architectural VR experiences

Our virtual reality experiences are based on designs created using the tools already widely used by designers and architects alike. We adapt these existing designs using a dedicated gaming engine to create a truly realistic, lifelike environment, including weather, time of day and accurate lighting effects. This means that there is no need for you to change the way you work in order for us to generate a truly impressive VR experience based on your work.

Communicate and collaborate on architectural
designs within virtual reality

Share virtual experiences with others using Kei’s social presence tools. Rather than limiting VR to a single person at a time, in-VR avatars allow you to see what others are looking at and hold a group discussion on design elements and features, all without having to take your headset off.

Accurately replicate the sense and scale
of an architectural project in VR

Virtual reality is the only way of realistically demonstrating scale and space in an architectural project, aside from creating highly expensive physical replicas. VR brings a sense of awe to your project by putting clients inside your designs and giving them a lifelike sense of perspective. With the ability to change the time of day, season or even weather conditions, the way a property has been designed to accommodate natural environmental shifts can be made clear to the user.

Specialists in VR for architectural design, based in the UK

Having been working on projects with several leading architectural practices for a number of years, we have been involved with multiple iconic developments in London and further afield. Take a look at our Portfolio section for more details about some of the prestigious residential and commercial projects we’ve completed.