When Attol Architecture moved into their newly designed and renovated studio in Clapham, London, they wanted to inspire their clients and partners with a showcase of new design ideas that the company was looking to embrace.

Having seen a virtual reality demonstration by Andrew Lucas Studios, Attol’s Mark Tavener was keen to integrate it into future projects and make it a key part of the company’s offering. While there wasn’t enough time before the opening to specify and deliver a virtual reality experience for an on-going project, he wanted to illustrate how an Attol Architecture project could be brought to life using virtual reality.

A property renovation in Belsize Park, which saw a modern rear extension and garden studio added to the ground floor of a townhouse, was chosen for the tasteful contrast between the linear timber frames of the modern addition and the Victorian brickwork of the rest of the property. This physical space was recreated in virtual reality by the Andrew Lucas Studios design team using technical drawings, plans of the finished property and photos of the exterior to allow them to retrospectively apply environmental elements such as lighting and materials.

VR living room property design for Attol Architecture project

As Attol wanted their virtual reality experience to be made available to as many people as possible, both during the opening event and to show potential clients, it was decided that it would be made as a mobile-based VR experience. This means the project can be viewed either using a Google Daydream or Samsung Gear headset in virtual reality or explored using a touchscreen on a mobile or tablet.

Instant movement between fixed vantage points allow viewers to view the property from both inside and out, while interactive elements allow them to change furniture layouts and see extra details when inside the property.

VR dining room with interactive furniture

VR dining room with interactive furniture

After an enthusiastic reception from the guests at Attol’s new studio launch, virtual reality is fast becoming a key component of the company’s activities, with a number of projects expected to use VR as a proofing and demonstration tool to allow clients to see their projects as they will look once fully completed.


Take a look at the project using Andrew Lucas WebVR:

Andrew Lucas Studios VR Lite


In our client’s words:

We chose to develop the Belsize Park project with Andrew Lucas Studios as a showpiece for our work and to help us convince clients of the benefits of virtual reality renders. We were very pleased with how easy it was to work with Andrew Lucas Studios, as well as the speed in which the renders were created from our drawings and specifications.

The final product was over and above our expectations and impressed many of our clients, guests and other professionals at our recent new office launch event.  We are now in discussions with a number of current clients who may be interested in utilising virtual reality for their projects in the near future.

We would highly recommend that other architects and designers try Andrew Lucas Studios’ VR services on projects where the client finds it hard to visualise what the final product, lighting and finishes will look like.


Technology used:

Andrew Lucas VR Lite platform

Andrew Lucas WebVR

Google Daydream

Samsung Gear VR

Unity (game engine)