VR For Construction

An incredibly effective way to
market property developments


Guide your clients around your show home
– without needing to build one

Often the best way to market a property off plan is to create a dedicated bricks-and-mortar showroom for potential buyers to get an understanding of what their new home will look like.

Virtual reality offers a cost-effective yet captivating experience to get customers truly excited about the possibilities of their new property.

Selling off-plan becomes
easier than ever

Give your clients a genuine reason to pause for thought by showing the client exactly how your concept will appear using virtual reality technology. By demonstrating how things will look in situ when the property is finished, you’re much more likely to overcome any niggling doubts from the client about the suitability of a contentious element within the design.

Let your customers spend a year
at home before they buy

Ensure that everyone is on the same page during the design and proofing phase and let people see your architectural design ideas in a realistic environment by sharing ideas internally using virtual reality.

Receive rapid feedback from colleagues and other stakeholders by letting them walk through your ideas, making it easier to spot errors and identify areas where improvements might be found.

Give customers a tour of their new
home – with you in control

Our virtual reality experiences are based on designs created using the tools already widely used by designers and architects alike. We adapt these existing designs using a dedicated gaming engine to create a truly realistic, lifelike environment, including weather, time of day and accurate lighting effects.

This means that there is no need for you to change the way you work in order for us to generate a truly impressive VR experience based on your work.

Boost your promotional reach
 at events with potential buyers

Virtual reality can add an extra interactive element to events, letting potential home buyers explore one of your properties in virtual reality. Even better, other attendees can see what they are seeing on a nearby screen. This means your residences sit firmly at the centre of attention – exactly where they belong. 

Accurately replicate the sense and scale
of a property in VR

Apart from creating a show apartment, virtual reality offers one of the only ways to realistically demonstrate the size and scope of a particular property. As well as creating a lifelike 1:1 perspective, a VR experience can demonstrate exactly how different weather will affect the ambience in certain rooms, giving a user a much clearer idea of crucial information such as which rooms will benefit from direct sunlight at various times of the day.

Specialists in VR for property design,
based in the UK

Kei Studios has been involved with multiple iconic developments in London and further afield.

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