When it came to creating a CPD for VR design in architecture, interior design and property development more than a year ago, we wanted to be creative. We knew that virtual reality was a novel concept for many practices and companies, and what we wanted most of all was to give people the chance to try this exciting new technology in a meaningful way.

While a comprehensive hands-on session is still an integral part of our CPD sessions, our course has progressed over time as we’ve worked more with different groups in the construction and design spaces. We’ve tailored our presentations to better suit our audience and moved from simply explaining the theoretical benefits of VR. We now include a number of real-life examples from our various projects which show not only how we think virtual reality can be used in the sectors mentioned earlier, but also how people are actually using our VR design services.

A VR CPD presentation from Andrew Lucas Studios

Among the topics that we cover in the Virtual Reality for Designers CPD are: 

  • What VR is and how it works
  • How VR has evolved
  • Applications and benefits of VR for Architecture, Interior Design & Construction
  • Case Studies:

– Building a commercial theatre in VR

– Exploring a property before it’s built

– Photorealistic VR property design

– Interior design – VR/CGI from a sketch

  • Design features in VR:

– Dynamic lighting

– Concept proofing

– Scalability 

Our Virtual Reality for Designers CPD includes a practical VR demonstration, where attendees can try several design- and construction-focused experiences on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets.

We host CPDs all the time across London for firms, practices and organisations that are interested in learning more about how virtual reality is being used in design and construction. Our session is worth one RIBA credit and can be scheduled according to when you and your team can be available. You can find out more or book a session by contacting us on our Book A CPD page.

Giving a VR demonstration at an Andrew Lucas Studios CPD

Demonstration of VR technology at and Andrew Lucas Studios CPD